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What Does the “Welcome to Medicare” Visit Involve? (Important)

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Welcome to Medicare: Within the first 12 months of having Medicare Part B, the “Welcome to Medicare” physical exam is a one-time, preventive physical exam covered by Medicare. The visit will include a comprehensive examination of your health as well as information and counseling about the preventative services you require, such as specific tests, immunizations, and referrals to other providers.

This visit is an excellent opportunity to get up to date on critical tests and vaccines, as well as to discuss your family history and how to keep healthy with your doctor. Your doctor will record your medical history and evaluate your vision, blood pressure, weight, and height to calculate your BMI during the “Welcome to Medicare” session (BMI). Both adult men and women have a BMI, which is a measurement of body fat.

Your doctor will examine your preventive screenings and services, such as cancer screenings and vaccines, to ensure that you are up to date. If necessary, more tests may be requested based on your general health and medical history. Your doctor will also provide you with suggestions on how to keep healthy, prevent disease, and enhance your health. When you depart, you will be given a written plan (such as a checklist) outlining which screenings and other preventative services you should have in the future.

Your doctor will also discuss the creation of advance directives with you. Advance directives are legal agreements that detail the type of medical care you would choose if you were unable to communicate or make decisions for yourself. It’s crucial to talk about your wishes with your family, friends, and healthcare providers, but these legal documents assist ensure that your requests are carried out.


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When do I get my “Welcome to Medicare” physical exam?

2 1 What Does the “Welcome to Medicare” Visit Involve? (Important)

Schedule your “Welcome to Medicare” preventative checkup as soon as you enroll in Medicare Part B. This physical exam is only covered by Medicare if it is done within the first 12 months of enrolling in Medicare Part B.

You can get a yearly “Wellness” visit instead if you’ve had Medicare Part B for more than a year. This visit is also covered, and it can assist you and your doctor in developing a unique health plan.

How much does the “Welcome to Medicare” exam cost?

preventive services

If the doctor or health care provider accepts the assignment, you don’t have to pay for your “Welcome to Medicare” preventative visit or your monthly “Wellness” appointments. You may be required to pay coinsurance and the Medicare Part B deductible if you undergo additional tests or receive other services during this visit that aren’t covered by these preventative benefits.

What should I bring with me to the exam?

When you go to your “Welcome to Medicare” appointment, bring the following items with you:

  • Immunization records, as well as medical records.

  • A list of all prescription and over-the-counter drugs and supplements you currently use, as well as how often and why you take them.

  • Health history in the family. Before your meeting, try to learn as much as you can about your family’s medical history.

  • Anything you can tell your doctor to assist them figure out if you’re at risk for certain diseases.


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Do I have to do a Welcome to Medicare visit?

The “Welcome to Medicare” physical examination is optional. You do not need to have had this checkup to be eligible for later annual wellness visits, but Medicare will not pay for a wellness visit if you are in Part B for the first 12 months.

Does Welcome to Medicare visit include EKG?

EKG checks are a type of diagnostic test that is included in your Welcome to Medicare appointment. This test is covered by Medicare once at the Welcome to Medicare visit. In addition, if you require a diagnostic test, Medicare will reimburse a portion of the cost of a second EKG.

What is done during a Medicare physical?

a visual representation of What Happens During the “Welcome to Medicare” Visit?
A Medicare Annual Wellness Visit is a more thorough examination than an annual physical. A normal annual physical could also include services like a vital signs check, a lung exam, a head, and neck exam, an abdominal exam, a neurological exam, and a reflex check.

How many elements are required for Welcome to Medicare?

The seven components of the new Medicare test add up to a patient experience that is as much a dialogue as it is a physical examination. A well-planned routine is necessary to ensure that you cover all of the required elements in the allowed time.

Does Welcome to Medicare visit include bloodwork?

You won’t have to pay anything for your Welcome to Medicare visit unless you need treatments that aren’t covered, including lab testing or health screenings.

How long is a Welcome to Medicare visit?

Maria B. wrote this 3-minute read. We may search for Medicare plans in your area based on your ZIP code. Within the first 12 months of having Medicare Part B, the “Welcome to Medicare” physical exam is a one-time, preventive physical exam that Medicare covers.

What is not covered in Medicare Annual Wellness visit?

A physical exam is usually not included in the yearly wellness appointment, except to check common measurements like height, weight, and blood pressure.” According to the University of North Carolina School of Medicine, “Wellness visits under Medicare are intended to improve your overall health care by giving you a more in-depth look at your health risks…

What is the difference between a Medicare wellness exam and a physical?

An AWV is less thorough than an annual physical exam. It entails a doctor’s physical examination as well as bloodwork and other procedures. Routine measurements such as height, weight, and blood pressure will be checked during the yearly wellness appointment.

The type of comprehensive checkup that most people think of as a “physical” is not covered by Medicare. It does, however, include a one-time “Welcome to Medicare” checkup during your first year after enrolling in Part B, as well as an annual wellness visit to follow your health later on.

Which is generally covered by Medicare for the homebound patient?

Only services supplied by a home health agency are covered under Medicare’s home health coverage. Other medical services, such as doctor visits and medical equipment, are usually covered by your other Medicare benefits. For information on how these services are covered under Medicare, consult your “Medicare & You” guide.

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