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Does Medicare Cover Dental Care?


Original Medicare And Dental Coverage

does Medicare cover dental?

Initial Medicare Generally speaking, dental treatment is not covered by Parts A and B. Part A will pay for your dental surgery hospital stay. The whole price of any additional dental work, such as checkups or root canals, will be on you.

Choosing dental coverage may be easier than you think. Many private insurers provide dental benefits as part of Medicare Advantage plans and as stand-alone policies. Medicare Part A, Part B, and Part D (prescription drug) all offer supplemental dental and vision coverage that can be purchased separately or together.

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Dental Costs And Coverage Options

When you have to pay for your dental care, the bills can pile up rapidly. An annual dental checkup that includes a professional cleaning and X-rays can set you back around $295 on average*. A root canal typically costs around $1200. Further, advanced dental work such as dentures, crowns, bridges, and implants becomes common problems with age.

Remember that aesthetic dentistry, such as teeth bleaching, is not the same as restorative dentistry, which includes services like dentures and crowns. The majority of dental insurance plans do not cover elective procedures such as teeth whitening.

Dental Coverage With Medicare Advantage Plans

Dental, vision, and hearing are just a few of the extras that are typically included in Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans, which are bundled insurance policies that supplement Original Medicare. Memberships to health clubs, insurance for medical expenses, and other services may fall under this category. In most cases, beneficiaries enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan that covers standard dental care will be able to have a professional teeth cleaning and dental exam every year, or every other year. Additional dental coverage can be added to those policies for a fee.

Find Medicare Plans in 3 Easy Steps

We can help find the right Medicare plans for you today

Dental Coverage With Medicare Supplement Plans

Copayments, deductibles, and coinsurance are not covered by Original Medicare, but they are by Medicare Supplement plans. Dental and vision coverage are typically not included in Medicare Supplement plans, but they are available as stand-alone policies. 

In addition to the Original Medicare, Medicare Supplement, and Medicare Part D plans, Private insurance companies also sell dental and vision plans separately. Regular checkups, cleanings, and x-rays are all included in most of the regular dentistry packages that are recommended by Abby’s consulting services. Fillings, implants, root canals, gum resurfacing, and crowns, to name a few more complex operations, are partially covered by some of the premium package options. A monthly fee is charged for each plan.

Find Medicare Plans in 3 Easy Steps

We can help find the right Medicare plans for you today

Dental Care Is Crucial For Older Adults

Whatever you do, it is crucial to prioritize dental care, at home and at the dentist. Taking care of your teeth as you grow older can avoid tooth loss, decay, painful extractions, and infections.

Regular dental checkups can help dentists discover abnormalities early before they become more costly and uncomfortable to address. After all, a filling is an easier treatment than a root canal. Additionally, regular tooth cleanings, combined with daily flossing and brushing, can prevent plaque accumulation from causing further difficulties.


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Does Medicare Cover Dental Care?

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