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Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith

Introducing Abby’s (Best Affordable Insurance Broker)


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Allow Me to Re-Introduce Abby’s Consulting

Allow Me to Re-Introduce Abby’s Consulting

I don’t think many children dream of selling insurance when they grow up. My original goal, like a lot of other kids involved in sports, was to play football. But this being the unrealistic dream that it was, I also planned to major in Biology once I got to college and ultimately go into medicine. My mindset started to shift when I saw the positive effects that having life insurance at any age can have on a family.

My sister and I lived with my mom and her husband Karl who passed away just before I started high school. He was relatively young but saw the benefits and invested in a policy that was set up to payout to my sister and I in installments until we each turned 18. I didn’t realize it at the time, but this small gesture that Karl made changed the trajectory of my mom’s life. She was able to buy our home, which has since been passed down to my sister.

I was in my mid-20s when I started the process to get my license. I knew I wanted to have the opportunity to offer clients a much wider range of options, from more than one company. That is how Abby’s was formed. Based on the idea of having one person able to sit down with you and offer you different plans from different companies at different prices and let the choice really be in your hands.

With that, I’d like to officially re-introduce Abby’s Consulting to the internet, our renovated website including a weekly blog with articles and stories. 

I hope you’ll share with us what you think of our new page, and as always, we remain on the lookout for the right plan at the right price!

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